Benway School is a New Jersey State Approved Private Special Education School in Wayne, New Jersey for students with emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges in grades 1-12R.


Benway has adopted a new SEL curriculum called Character Strong.  CharacterStrong is a character education & social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum and professional development company to create positive habits through idea-based practice. It’s K-12 program is focused on character traits such as kindness, respect, humility, honesty, compassion, and more.


Benway’s school wide Engineering with Empathy program is a Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STREAM) program that allows students to practice resiliency, problem solving, and engagement while also being aligned with the global initiative set forth by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

adult transitions program

Benway School’s Transitions Program has partnered with William Paterson University’s “Pathway to Professional Careers” placing transitioning students 18-21 years old in a five-day, full-time college setting in order to acquaint them with a new environment much larger than that of their high school. The WPUNJ Transitions Program provides each sending district the ability to implement each student’s  IEP transition goals.

                                                                            OUR MISSION STATEMENT

At Benway, we respect one another by celebrating our differences and individual accomplishments.
Benway school provides a safe and nurturing environment.
Benway shows its support for all students across all academics and social-emotional learning,
with an emphasis on the present because we care about their future.
At Benway, we utilize our core values to help our students realize their true potential.

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