21st Century Careers

At Benway School, we constantly strive to open up new career possibilities for our students. That is why we created “21st Century Careers.” This program provides students the opportunity to work with the growing technology of our world and opens up their minds to new career opportunities that they may have not previously considered. The program includes:

  • Robotics
  • 3-D Printing
  • Coding
  • Drones
  • Film Production
  • Makerspace


Robotics is a rapidly growing field with machines capable of accomplishing amazing tasks in a vast variety of professions. Robots can now cook, clean, run, jump, lift, and even learn! We teach our students how to build, code, and operate robots so that they can thrive in the growing workforce. Our robotics classes have three levels: Basic- using colors to code with OZOBots, Intermediate- building and coding with Lego Mindstorms, and Advanced- Building and coding EZ Robots. With our EZ Robots, students program them to move, sing, dance, record their own voice, and even perform facial recognition! These steps build the foundation for our students to achieve successful careers in robotics.

3-D Printing

Students learn how to create their own designs and print them using our MakerBot Replicator 2 and Ultimaker 3 3D Printers. 3D Printing is a technology that is helping numerous professional fields grow including animation, biomedical, design, engineering, fashion, and manufacturing. The ability to print out models and physically manipulate the structures has helped companies speed up production, doctors prepare for surgeries and the creation of inexpensive prosthetics. This makes it a necessary tool for new professionals to be able to thrive in today’s business world. This class builds confidence through experience while helping other courses through printing out projects, replacement parts, and/or additions to our robots and drones.


This course allows students to learn about the building block of most of the technology used in this program, coding. These skills are applicable in the worlds of gaming, robotics, and programming. By teaching our students how to code, we give them the tools to be able to create vast virtual worlds, make their own games, and take control of the future.


This addition brings great excitement for students in the program. They learn how to properly and safely operate drones while gaining exposure to the career possibilities that the technology can provide. Those opportunities include photography, cinematography, mapping, modeling, inspections, and even thermal imagery. Learning how to fly and get proper camera angles is a critical tool for those interested in such professions. It is our mission to have students “reach new heights,” so what better way than to be able for them to see what it is like to fly.

Film Production

Students learn and experience the different aspects of creating a film: acting, audio operation, camera operation, lighting, musical score, and editing. Each year students decide the genre of movie they would like to produce and make a short film, which is premiered for the entire school. Every production that is made is posted to YouTube with credits for the students so that they have examples of their work to show to prospective employers. Currently, on YouTube you will find our short films: Escape From Benway, Substitute Teacher, and the super-short Primal Escape, which was written, shot, and edited exclusively by one of our 6th-grade students.


Do you like working with your hands? Always thinking of ways to build things? Then create it in our Makerspace course! We have sewing machines, our laser cutter, 3D printers, and more at your disposal to design, manipulate, and create a wide variety of items. Learn through trial and error while being taught how to produce your vision!