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Benway School is a NJ State Department of Education-approved private school for students with disabilities.  We are committed to the belief that emotional growth and academic success go hand-in-hand. The school is dedicated to providing an opportunity for both by offering a nurturing and therapeutic environment with a low student/teacher ratio, small class sizes, individually-paced instruction, and a comprehensive therapy and counseling program. Our approach is one of patience, non-punitive dialogue, and communication.

1st - 12th Grade Program w/ emphasis in the Arts & Technology
Therapeutic program with 5 LCSWs
Therapy Dog
Reading Specialist - Wilson Trained
18-21 year old Transitions Certification Program

We believe that students with emotional challenges and learning disabilities can:

  • Learn and be successful
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Become productive members of society if they are provided the resources to monitor and self-regulate their behavior
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What distinguishes Benway as a premier special education school is a commitment in providing these fundamental elements:

  • An array of services that meet the individual strengths and needs of each student.
  • A safe, family-like, and therapeutic environment
  • Animal Assisted Interventions
  • Addressing each students’ unique styles
  • Utilizing techniques and strategies to effectively manage anxiety, stress, frustration, and anger
  • Cultivating independent thought
  • Encouraging social development and respect for self and others
  • Assistance in setting realistic goals
  • Conducting collaborative meetings with students, family, district, and service providers

Academically, we are aware that each student needs to learn at his or her own pace therefore, we offer:

  • High standards of individualized instruction by providing challenging academics regulated by New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS)
  • Skilled and certified teachers.
  • Five full-time Licensed Clinical Social Workers on staff.
  • Extensive technology with the use of Promethean Boards and Chrome Books in every classroom
  • Small structured classes in conjunction with a multi-faceted physical and outdoor education program
  • Shared-time programs with William Paterson University
  • Multi-sensory remedial reading program
  • Transition counseling for upperclassmen
  • One-to-one tutoring as needed
  • Speech therapy, Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy

We understand that incoming students will have varied reactions to being placed out of district. Therefore, not only do we assist them emotionally and academically in being successful, but we also recognize that it is essential for a school to be fun, visually exciting, and enticing to attend. It is for these reasons that we offer:

  • Award-winning Art & Music Programs
  • Winning Basketball and Softball teams that compete in private school leagues
  • Local Chess tournaments
  • Monthly field trips such as: The American Dream Mall for Ice Skating and the Aquarium, Planetarium, Imax Theater, Lakota Wolf Preserve, various Museums, SplashPlex, Bowlero, Raptor Trust, Turtle Back Zoo, Alstede Farms, and so many more.
  • Weekly Incentive Breakfast
  • Extensive, high-interest elective courses including:
    • 3D Printing
    • Robotics
    • Driver’s Ed
    • Weights
    • Maker Space
    • Rosetta Stone Spanish Program
  • Work Study & Career Education

If you entrust your child to our dedicated staff, not only will they be academically and behaviorally successful, they will also become a part of the ‘BENWAY FAMILY’.