Elementary School

Elementary School
Benway is aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. What separates us from other schools is our ability to offer the following services to our Elementary students:

  • Small group instruction
  • Remedial and individualized attention
  • A less-stressful environment
  • High-interest technology that entice students to want to learn
  • i Pads 2
  • Fundations
  • Wilson Reading Program
  • The Ortin Gillingham Approach
  • Highly-qualified, certified teachers who understand that not all students learn in the same fashion.
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High School

At Benway School, we take great pride in meeting or exceeding the State of New Jersey requirements for Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Health, and Physical Education. We have selected the best teachers to work with the children that attend our school. They use creative methods to work with students to help them learn, understand and excel in each class. It is the creativity and use of technologies that we make available here at Benway School to every classroom and every student, that help us provide creative and positive methods of educating our students.

State-Accredited Testing

All testing programs which are part of the New Jersey Department of Education's program for student assessment are administered at the Benway School. The individual child's test results help to reinforce the development of each child's academic program.


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