Benway School’s Sports Program

Scholastic sports is about more than just competing here at Benway. Athletics are a complementary piece of our program that helps build students into the best and most successful version of themselves. Studies have shown that sports can promote benefits in the classroom, both from the positive physical effects that sports can produce as well as mentally with the concepts and preparation needed to participate in a sport.

That is why the Benway Falcons participate in the NJCAL for basketball and softball. To have our students “reach new heights” we need to provide them the opportunity to become the most well-rounded individual that they can be. The skills and teamwork that they learn on the court and in the field are transferable to the classroom.

Our teams give students an outlet to perform and obtain new skills, with the support of their peers. These opportunities have produced NJCAL League and Conference Championships in softball for the 2014 and 2019 seasons, with another Conference Championship in 2018, as well as multiple playoff appearances in basketball, including a trip to the Conference finals in 2014. Participation in these sports is dependent on student-athletes maintaining academic and behavior standards, providing an extra incentive for those students who struggle to find motivation.