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Benway School Updated Visitor Policy

Beginning on Monday, April 19, 2021, Benway School will be updating the current Visitor Policy. Effective Monday, April 19, 2021 Benway School will allow visitors under the following guidelines.

Permitted visitors include:

  • Child Study Team members conducting triennial testing (Educational or Psychological testing) for students attending Benway School (with parent permission).
  • Child Study Team members and families for emergency meetings (Re-Entry Meetings, etc.)
  • Child Study Team members and families for Intake Meetings 
  • Vendors/contractors for school maintenance/improvements.
  • Child Study Team members conducting IEP meetings, as requested.

School procedures for permitted visitors:

  • Prior to arrival, visitors will be required to complete a questionnaire to assess any symptoms or contact of COVID-19.
  • Temperature assessment prior to entry. Any visitor will not be permitted in the building and will be sent home if internal temperature is 100.3℉ (38 ℃) or above.
  • Consider and abide by all HIPAA and FERPA laws and regulations.
  • Contact the school office upon arrival.
  • Required to wear face covering/mask prior to and throughout visit, Benway School will provide face covering/mask if necessary.

Virtual IEP Meetings:

  • Benway School will continue to host IEP meetings via Virtual Platforms, held through preferred mode by District Case Manager.

Please see below policy regarding Virtual IEP Meetings continuing to stay in place regarding IEP Meetings.

 Virtual IEP Meetings

  • Any IEP meeting will be held in the mode preferred by the District Case Manager.
  • For Virtual annual review meetings held during this time of Benway School’s Hybrid Learning plan, the following procedures will be used to develop new goals and objectives. 
  • For any skill areas that either no longer have goals/objectives or are not sufficiently rigorous, the previous year’s assessment and aligned to the New Jersey State Learning Standards will be referenced, taking into account progress that has been made during this academic year.
  • Input regarding additional goals/objectives desired by family members will be solicited in the form of discussions with families.
  • As students continue to return to in-person instruction, additional assessments may be conducted and the student’s goals and objectives will be amended as necessary to ensure that appropriate goals and objectives are being implemented. 

Administration work with Special Education Teachers to monitor student academic progress and determine if accommodations or modifications need to be adjusted. Administration collaborates with Related Service providers and determines if services need to be adjusted. Administration and Social Workers communicate with parents and District Case Managers to discuss student progress and any adjustments to the student’s IEP. Student accessibility to technology and learning platforms is consistently evaluated.