CoderZ Competition Results

Students from Benway participated in the CoderZ Coding Competition.  CoderZ is an international virtual competition designed to engage students, regardless of their coding experience, with exciting challenges and opportunities to work collaboratively in teams.

This year we entered three teams. Short Bytes our novice division (grades 4-6) in which Noah, Canddies, and Izabella placed 104th out of 150 teams. They gave their best effort despite it being their first time competing.  FalconZ our pro division (grades 10-12) consisted of Antonio, placing 64th out of 97.   Rebooting RebelZ our junior division (grades 7-9)  Elijah, Connor, and Megan D. The RebelZ placed 20th earning a spot in the regional competition.

The students worked hard.  Some even working on it through their weekend earning them a third-place finish in the regionals, making them 28th in the nation.

Congratulations to all teams and their members.