Computer Science Education Week 2021

Benway School participated for the fifth year in a row in Computer Science Education Week. Computer Science Education Week is an annual call to action to inspire students to learn computer science, advocate for equity, and celebrate the contributions of students, teachers, and partners to the field.

Students spent at least an hour during the week completing a coding activity designed to demystify “code”. Our students took great pride in showing their teachers what they could accomplish. A favorite activity amongst the student’s  was Dance Party, in which students coded complicated sequences of different animals dancing. For example, a cartoon cat or sloth dabbed  or flossed while they also coded a bear clapping to the beat of a student selected song.

On Wednesday students and staff logged in to a zoom meeting put on by Makerbot. Where we were given a look inside the workshop of one of Mattel’s lead product engineers. He discussed how he and the other engineers go about designing and engineering physical products in remote-work settings.